Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New seasons

As i type Brad is getting his first piano lesson, from a very gifted lady from our church.  Ben will get his lesson next.  Adam did not want to, so i didn't push it.  He'd rather do drums.  Clay wants to learn electric guitar!

Last Saturday Clay was begging and begging for someone to give him a mini bike ride.  Noone really wanted to, so Rod put him on one by himself!  i was slightly nervous.  But he did fine and has hasn't gotten off since, other them to eat, sleep, and go potty.

The helmet pretty much stays on all the time.

Now we don't have a mini bike for everyone.  Such a first world problem. 

This is a funny random thing that happened yesterday.  We pulled into the garden center and Ben says 'there's a monkey in that car'.  i was kinda like "yeah right".  Well there WAS a monkey, and we had to track him down and meet it.  The monkey did tricks for us and turns out he does events and shows.  I see him coming to the funny farm in the future...

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