Thursday, June 18, 2015

God is Good!

I want to start with 3 quick stories from this week, that God has clearly showed up and blessed me with:

I keep meals in my freezer for busy days and i am VERY possessive about these meals for some reason.  But this week I wanted to give a meal to a good friend, so i tapped into the freezer and it sounds silly but i hated to part with the lasagna.  That's one less quick 'go-to' for us.  It was a no brainer though, as i wanted to bless my friend.  Still while i gathered the meal, i thought - God will bless this....Sure enough that very evening i got an email from a family member who is coming to visit Thursday and she offered to bring a lasagna for supper!  Wow, God DID bless it, and with the exact same meal, just to be sure i'm paying attention!

Wednesday this week i dropped the 3 older boys off at basketball camp and Clay and I went to Costco...I am not a member but i have a gift card for there that i still had $300 on and i was looking to use it up.  It's always exciting (exhausting) shopping with Clay, the non-stop chatter and claiming everything in sight.  But we made it through in one hour, dodging the extra crowded isles, waiting in a long check-out line and finally getting our stuff on the belt only for the cashier to say "i'm sorry we can't take gift cards right now, our system is down".  I calmly but firmly said "yes you will, we have all this stuff here" ($300+ worth of groceries).  She tried other things and it wasn't working.  I said "I'm not a member but i'll use my credit card"  This is normally not allowed but she said that's fine, but we only take Amercian Express.  Who has an American Express credit card?  Not me!  They apologized but there was nothing they could do.  Just then i heard my name from the line next to me.  It was another mom from the boys school.  We chatted briefly then i told her what happened and asked if she could pay for my groceries.  She was able to use her membership debit and we got out of there with my stuff and both headed over to pick up our kids at basketball.  It was such a blessing!  A nice reminder that God cares about the small stuff too and is truly in control.  

I've been wanting to add something different to the funny farm, in the animal department.  So this week when i picked up our meat chicks, i asked if they had anything else for sale.  I really had no idea if they did, but wasn't expecting them too.  She said we might have turkeys let me check....a few minutes later she came back with a box of 4 newly hatched turkeys.  She said we can have them for free since they just hatched and they aren't sure how they will do.  This is totally fulfilling my desire for something different!  They look like chickens for now, it will be fun to watch them change and grow.  One died so far, he wasn't looking good from the beginning.  The other 3 are doing well.

25 chicks, ready for butchering in 7 weeks

In other news, our neighbor has let us use her pool 3 times already this summer and it's been so fun watching the boys.  They get a little more comfortable in the water every year.  This year is the summer of jumping and doing tricks in the air and mommy has to grade them 0-10. (except for one boy, who is still warming up to the whole swimming thing)

I have been sleeping REAL good at night :)

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