Thursday, September 10, 2015


Last Friday we picked up our goats, they are very small, they all fit in a cage in the back of the suburban.
We just love them.  They mostly free-range around the house (and eat my roses) but overnight and when we aren't home, we have them fenced in around some brush down beyond the greenhouse.  Of course they'd much rather hang around with us.  They do great with staying close and not running off.
in the car, waiting for the rain to stop 

"Funny farm" might be an understatement right now

turkey, goat, turkey, goat

They won't get much bigger, right now the females (lighter colored) probably weigh about 15 lbs, the male is a bit older and might weight 20-25 lb.  We will wait until winter to breed the females, their gestation is 5 months.  They are very hardy, so should do fine this winter.  We have some reading to do before we breed them and get baby goats!

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