Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New routine

It's back to school time, the boys have been back since Aug. 20th.  Clay loves Kindergarten.  And i am beyond in love with my 2 'freedom days' a week.  The homeschool days are not easy.  How many days until a 3rd grader can remember 3 x 3?

There's a lot of action happening here at home, with redoing the lower barn, and adding some more patio space out back.  It's exciting, seeing it coming together.  Slowly, of course.

The olders are upset that the days they come are days when they are in school, usually Mondays. 

The boys have been trapping possoms and racoons the past few weeks.  Ever since all of these cuties got eaten...
We were suprised to see so many 'keets' at one time.  All 3 guineas were protective of them and we couldn't get close, just ask Clay (he got attacked).  They only lasted a few days.  The 2 white mammas are gone too.  

Brad's 'coon

We got 26 more meat birds, and the turkeys are driving me crazy so we may butcher those soon. 

This weekend we are getting 3 goats!  can't wait, they are so cute.  They are coming from a Christian family in the Red Lion area, who are moving.  The goats (2 female, 1 male) are Dwarf Norwegian's, less then a year old.
Well today is my freedom day, and i don't want to waste too much time on here :)  But that's a quick update around here.  Have a wonderful week, and Labor day weekend.

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