Saturday, October 10, 2015

Field trip - Phillies stadium

We didn't get to a game again this year, and i've been wanting to do the Phillies tour for a few years now.  A perk of homeschooling is we can go ahead and do the tour on a weekday!  They are only open Fridays and that happens to be a homeschool day, so i took the boys down yesterday.  

Really enjoyed the 1.5+ hour tour of the stadium, broadcasters' both, press box, dugout, and suites.  They gave a lot of info which was interesting to me, but not really to the boys.  They just liked playing around and feeling like big stuff.

This picture shows the boys personalities so well....Adam has all the great ideas but wants others to do them (pretend to talk in the mic).  Ben is our thoughtful one, who dressed Teddy to match him.  Clay is outgoing and gave the post-game speech.  Brad is our goofy funny face, fun lovin' guy.

Phillies dugout.  Ben found lots of sunflower seeds

This is a model of the stadium and parking lot.  It took 28 months to build the stadium. 

We had a really good tour guide, who Clay of course buddied up with.  

I've always known a lot of useless Phillies stats and info, now i REALLY know a lot :)

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