Friday, October 2, 2015


I bet you didn't know there was a Polo Field in Lititz, called the Lancaster Polo Club that has weekly matches, did you??  Well me neither.  Until we got invited to a match that we went to on Sunday.  We were given tickets up to 16 people.  We enjoyed the unique experience.  The game itself was boring, but the food, wine, socializing, and beautiful weather made it memorable.  We learned a little about the sport that i was clueless about prior.

A polo field is almost 10 acres.  Fans sit around the field, everyone has a good seat

The kids are allowed on the field in between periods, or "chukkers".  There are 6 chukkers per game, each one lasting 7 minutes.  The whole game takes about an hour and a half.  So really, the break times per game are longer then the playing of the game.  kids didn't mind. 
Technically the fans are supposed to fix the divots in the grass during the breaks.  I'm thinking the kids made more divots. 

Game over.  Lancaster won 4-2

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