Monday, September 14, 2009

Beach Trip

We took one last family trip for the year, this time to Ocean City, NJ. I have to admit i was not looking forward to it. It's hard to get excited about the beach when they are calling for a hurricane. But thankfully Fred came and went pretty quickly and we had 2 good days on the beach and the boardwalk. We spent a lot of Friday inside, it was still very windy. So the boys did the usual to pass the time.. We were glad for the lovely condo we stayed in..verses a small motel. They had room to run around. I've always stayed in Motels when i go to the beach, so it was a luxury to be able to do laundry and have a dishwasher!

Saturday and Sunday were spent on the beach and boardwalk. They sure did love the sand. I told the boys next year we will get them a sandbox. And Adam said "is that so we don't have to play in the chicken food anymore?" I didn't know they did play in the chicken food! Adam had a good stradegy going where he would find friends to play with on the beach....just so he could play with their toys! (at least that's how it appeared)

Found some fun shells the day after the hurricane. And lots of jelly fish. Or partial jelly fish..
Saturday the boardwalk was packed with a Hot Rod show.
Sunday we ran into some old friends on the beach. That was fun, the one girl said "i knew it was you guys because I saw Rod's hat" I didn't know he was known for his hat!

Thanks for taking our beach tour. I'm ready to stay home now for awhile. We've had a busy summer! But we're glad we are able to get away, and still consider it a vacation even with 3 busy little boys.

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