Monday, September 7, 2009

Notes & Quotes

Not a whole lot new going on with us, but a couple things I'm looking forward to....Adam is starting the AWANA program next Wednesday night, at a nearby church. I'm excited to see what he learns and hoping he likes it. I'm also starting a Bible study, with some church ladies, a Beth Moore study which are always good. This one is studying the fruits of the spirit. This study starts next Tuesday eve and will last 10 weeks.

I've been picking out a Bible verse each week for Adam to memorize and the twins to "take in". This has been going on for a couple months, and he'd been doing pretty well. Well, the other week he decides he's picking the verse that he'll memorize. So he'd come up with things off the top of his head. They were cute and relevant, so i let him go. they were easy, like "I love God" or "I love Jesus" or "I love God and Jesus". Well this weeks is a doosy. He said this weeks verse is "God loves you everywhere you go, even if you live in a jungle!" That one is halarious. The idea is right on, but those words aren't in the Bible. Not sure where to go with that one!

The other day Ben woke up before his brothers from his nap, so i played with him for a bit then i told him " I have to go work now" and he says, so innocently "Where's your shop at?" So cute! You're living in my "shop" sweetheart.

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