Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Craft Idea

Yesterday my good friend Maredith came over to hang out with us. She's home on furlough for a month and fit me into her busy schedule while she's back in the states. I've been wanting to do this craft with the boys, but wanted to wait until someone could help me! We made drums out of empty oatmeal cartons. It was fun and easy, the boys love them. You just wrap construction paper (i used printer paper) around the carton and tape it. Let them decorate w/ crayons or markers, stickers, etc. and punch holes to add the string. They were prancing around the house, singing while beating on their drums. Very fun to watch. Finished Product: The boys really took to Maredith, i hope she didn't mind :) We wondered if the twins subconsiously remembered that she helped me take care of them when they were babies.
All 3 boys are in there somewhere....Thanks for making the boys' day Maredith!!

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