Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update on twins...

...not my twins. A few months ago i posted about the Shellengberger twins, born at 25 weeks. I saw on their blog they are coming home tomorrow. That's very excited for the parents. I remember it being surreal when we took ours home and they were only in a little less then a month. I can't imagine the relief of taking theirs home after 12ish weeks of the NICU. They are going home on oxygen and monitors so keep them in your prayers. They have done VERY well in the NICU. I was amazed at the reports, they digest their feedings well, nursing good, and all tests (eye, head, etc) have come back fine. Praise God!

I've/we have decided not to go ahead with the Progestorne shots to help stop any possible pre-term labor. We feel like since there's only 1 this time that this should be a normal pregnancy. After finding out it would be a weekly shot from now until the end i was kinda turned off by the idea! So if you think about it, pray for a safe and non eventful pregnancy. And for peace for me. I'd like my (potentially) last pregnancy to be pleasant and not a fearful thing. Also slap me if i complain about being pregnant towards the end :) I will be happy to make it to the end!!

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Brandy said...

Hope you have a very boring and uneventful full nine months!