Friday, February 19, 2010

big bellies and more...

Last Saturday was my good friend Nadene's baby shower. This is her first baby., she's 2 weeks ahead of me. It's been lots of fun being pregnant together. I'm excited for her. She's going to love being a mom and will do a great job! I thought we were the same size until I saw this picture. Guess i'm a hair bigger :) In the evenings lately we've been watching the Olympics. Adam loves the Olympics. Just today when we were outside, he started sledding down our hill on his knees and says "I'm snowboard racing"! I love seeing the imagination at work. Speaking of imagination, the boys were outside for about an hour yesterday as i sat and watched right against the house with the sun beating down on me the whole time, and i think i got a tan! :) Is that possible?
snow is melting, which makes for better snowmobile riding. rod's been going out a lot. i wish i could join him! he took the boys out today, brad was excited this time and really liked it. I finished up Ben and Brad's stuffed animals..Here's the little fellows:
Tomorrow Ben and Brad are scheduled to sing a solo during the offering...I'm nervous!

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