Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I took a trip to Michael's Craft store the other day for yarn and got distracted... I saw a booklet on crocheting little stuffed animals. SO, after debating for a little, i ended up buying it. I got my first animal done, it was fun and didn't take real long. Adam claimed this one..Today he got up from his nap and asked if I had it done yet. I said not yet and he cried! wow, I didn't know purple hippos meant that much to him!...
It's about 8" long and 4" tall. I put him in Adam's bed last night, so he woke up with hippo. He named him "mippo". nice.
Here's the other animals in the book. Ben wants the elephant and Brad wants the monkey.
It's fun to do things like this, I might as well do it while i have the time!!!

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