Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Salon Fun

Went to the salon last eve, to once again get another thing off my before baby list. i brought the twins, so rod wouldn't have to have all 3 at home. seems like he's been helping me out in the evenings so much lately so i can get these appts out of the way. well little did i know this was going to be a 'hands on' field trip for the boys! the girls working there asked the boys if they wanted to help wash mommy's hair. they said yes, so they found aprons for them. and they scrubbed and rinsed my hair. then they got out little brooms and dust pans for them and let them sweep up all the hair everywhere. they were having a ball. when i was getting my hair cut the one lady read them books. needless to say there was a lot of tipping that night :) i was blessed by their kindness in taking the time to include the boys. i just thought they could play in the corner w/ the legos, but no, the ladies had other plans! so sweet of them.

she took a couple pics before her camera battery died... ben cheesing after getting his apron on.
whoa, i look interesting in this pic. huge, maybe is the word :) the down side to the evening is that i told her to cut it so i don't need to come back until after the baby comes. so she made it very short! mine grows fast though, no biggie.

so a standard appt turned out to be a fun adventure thanks to my hair salon ladies.

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