Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's here

Adam's cirriculum has arrived. I'm trying him out on Grade K this year at home. He's too young to go to school, but i feel like he needs something at home. I chose My Father's World. I liked the reviews from friends, and it looks easy to follow for me! Everything is scheduled out, which i like.

Rod is very confident Adam will be fine in public school starting next year. I still don't have a good feeling about it. I've never actually gone to public school, i went to private all 13 years. Maybe that's part of my hesitation. I still remember Wednesday morning chapels from Grade K-8, and all the fun bible songs i learned, praying before lunch, and Bible class. I wanted my guys to have that too. I know i can't totally shelter them, but i'd rather not have my kids in public school. So anyway, we are differing on that subject right now. BUT this week we learned that Dayspring Christian is moving to Mountville! That's like, our backyard almost. Rod wants to go to an Open house and check it out. I'm excited for this. It's sits much better with me then Hempfield. Of course he already calculated how much it would cost to send 4 kids to private school for 13 years each. Yes, it's a pretty penny. But worth it to me.
We still have time to figure it all out.. I'm looking at this year as a "trial". See if i like homeschooling/see whether Adam likes it/see if it works!! Then we can either cross that option off the list, or consider it. Rod would rather me not homeschool at this point. I think i told him my GPA in school :) Shoulda kept that one quiet!


Smokers in the Valley said...

Homeschooling isn't for everyone but you can certainly do it if that seems to be something that you and Adam both enjoy. I really do like homeschooling, although it is at times stressful! I've heard great things about the curriculum you chose. And I've also heard great things about Dayspring!! Good luck with it all :)

Brandy said...

I used My Father's World last year and really liked it. I'm sure even the twins will enjoy doing Adam's school work. It is easy to include the whole family. Have fun with it! Just take each school year as it comes. That is what we do here.