Sunday, July 25, 2010


The month is almost gone. I love summer with little ones. So much exploring to do that can't be done in the wintertime. Ever notice kids don't seem to mind the heat? The boys don't complain about it being hot. Meanwhile sweat is dripped off them. It's a challenge to make the twins drink, they don't drink much which i normally don't think too much about. But they have to when the thermometer says 102!

Lots of gardening was done this month, green beans & corn were the main ones. The garden looks like a jungle now, but still have carrots, tomatoes, and peppers to do.

Started writing a list of chores for the boys to do every day. They usually don't mind working. It's just a matter of me staying on top of it. Cause of course it's much faster to just do it myself!!

We're trying to take people on the boat that didn't go last year. Clay being one of them..

Krista being another....

I often find frogs when i'm weeding. We keep them for a day then take them down to the creek. The frog looks about as thrilled as Clay did on the boat :)

Cousin Dustin came for a sleepover...The pool was definetely maxed out! I know we show deer photos a lot, but these beauties just amaze us! This is 1 of 2 bucks eating our applesTeaching the boys sign laungage, the little that i know. I love you too, Brad!The boys like the water this year. We've gone swimming a lot..
Reading the bug book with daddy:
A good month, no big ouchies or sickness. Thank you God for the enjoyment and excitment of life!

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