Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kitty farm

In all my years growing up with kittens, I've never seen any being born....Until this morning. Right outside our back patio door, our 1 year old kitty gave birth to 4 kitties! I stood there and watched. She was surrounded by 3 of her cat friends. This is our 4th litter this season. Oh dear. I don't even know how many cats we have. But i wanna say around 18. This week one died, from litter #1 or 2, probably from the heat. Adam saw it and came with me as i took it to the cornfield. He said "I like looking at dead cats mom". (That reminded me to pray for sensitivity in his heart, in general. He lacks so greatly in that area). Anyway, we're really working on taming litter #3. And sometimes i think we got it down and they will be friendly. But really, who am i kidding. Even if the boys mean well, they are rough. Ben however is the most sweet with them. He truly loves kittens. Not so sure about the other ones, who are the reason for my quote mentioned in a previous post.
Here's the new Momma: She's purring as i take the picture. Here's the process of taming, common..reach for it! so close...look at the poor scared middle one.
So they ended up just pushing them off the picnic table. BUT Ben can usually catch this one, a pretty tame one named Mel.
I used to tame cats for fun when i was little. It's like a sport. Here's me when i was 4 giving my kitties a wagon ride.

If anyone wants a kitten, you know who to ask!

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Anonymous said...

Look at that hair, I love it! I think maybe you were a bit more gentle than your boys, or do I just forget. Mom