Friday, October 15, 2010


Sears offers a program called "Kidvantage". If you buy their brand of kids jeans ("toughskins" is their brand name), they will replace them once they get holes in them. We bought a pair for Adam in the spring. He wore them a handful of times and the other day he wore them through. Tonight Rod and i tested out this program. We were slightly skeptical. Is this too good to be true?!? Sure enough, we brought back the holey pair and they replaced them with a brand new pair. No charge. No receipt. No signing anything. Nothing. The only thing to be aware of is that they replace them with the exact same size jeans. So really we're keeping these for the twins. Cause Adam already outgrew 4T jeans. This system works great for us, as we can just keep on passing the jeans down to the next boy. So if this interests you, check out "Kidvantage" online from Sears. We recommend it!!

On another note, after we exchanged the jeans we looked for church clothing for me, as it's been quite some time since I've purchased nice clothing for church and i've been having to get a little too creative to come up with something nice to wear. We couldn't find anything!!! Everything was so....icky. Were does one find cute, modest, quality and reasonably priced clothes!?! grrr. i did find a nice pair of jeans which made me feel a little better :)

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