Sunday, October 10, 2010

Recent thoughts, activities, and pics

* The boys got a new girl cousin this week, on the Gingrich side. She's so tiny, Adam asked if she is real. Apparently he doesn't remember when the twins were born :) The boys have all girl cousins except for 1 boy on the Gingrich side (we love you Caleb!) and all boy cousins except for 1 girl on the Smoker side (we love you Dana!).

* Our church ladies are reading through a book right now called Holy Habits. So far it's very good. In chapter 3 she suggests pausing every 15 minutes and reflecting on what things you just thought about. It's scary what goes through my mind. Time to train my thoughts towards positive, God honoring things. It's been helpful to stay conscious of what i'm thinking about and stop the negative things before it snowballs. I like this book as it explains that you can't work on being Holy. We must first get to know God at a personal level, which is turn will cause us to be Holy. She's very helpful with her experience on getting to know God more personally.

* The boys are enjoying their Awanas this year. Of course Adam likes having the twins in with him. A year ago i didn't think the twins would be ready to do Awana this year (socially and with memorizing scripture). But they are doing so good learning their scripture, being with new kids, and doing the crafts. It's so awesome to watch them grow. God has done a lot in their little lives.
* Clay is 6 months old!! He's doing so many new things. Sitting, saying "ba-ba" and eating everything in sight! He still doesn't sleep through the night most nights. And i actually don't mind (for the most part!). He'll cry somewhere between 3-5am and i'll feed him for 15 minutes and lay him back down. This is the only feeding where he snuggles right in, so i'm treasuring that. Even if it's not an ideal time of day.
* We're having fun watching post season baseball. Adam is especially interested in the rules of baseball and the Phillies players. I love teaching him! He pretends to be Jason Werth. Not my first choice, if you know what i mean :) but cute anyway. We have a tradition of eating popcorn for snack while watching the game.
We're gearing up for our church event here today. Yesterday we made a scarecrow for decoration.
Next weekend, we're "parting out" the kids & will be kid-less for a little. I cannot wait for the break!! although i have lots planned, like make applesauce and get out winter clothes for everybody!

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Anonymous said...

We have our boys in awanas for the first time this year and they love it. It is really good for them to memorize bible verses. I didn't think our four year old would do as good as he is.