Sunday, October 24, 2010

....until next year

So the phils didn't make the world series this year. i was bummed but at the same time so excited about the rangers making it to the world series and let me tell you why. less then a year ago i did a post about rangers outfielder josh hamilton., i wrote him a letter and he sent me a signed card back and i got it last november. (click here for that post) Josh has a major major testimony which is all written in this book, "beyond belief". he overcame A LOT of sin and is now on fire for God. the reason i'm so pumped about this is because Josh was the MVP of this last series, when the rangers beat the yankees and eliminated them from the playoffs. And since he was the MVP, they presented him w/ an award and interviewed him. The first thing that came out of his mouth went something like this: "first of all i'd like to thank my Lord and savior Jesus, and would like to give Him all the glory for this" (in front of 50,000+ fans and millions of TV veiwers!) later in the interview he said the God brought him through so much and he's so blessed. this man is real and others can see that. he's not "just saying" these things. This is rare for a professional baseball player to be so bold and humble and open like this with the media. I knew when i finished that book that God wasnt' done w/ him. I can't wait to see if anything happens in the world series.

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