Monday, February 21, 2011

Day of Rest

So i've been pondering Sundays lately, and how i need to obey and actually rest on this day (even though Sabbath was probably Saturday, I'm not interested in debating that one!)

Throughout the past several months, occasionally when i ask the kids to do something they respond with "but it's Sunday", or something along those lines. They did it again yesterday. And well, they really make me think! They are learning and trying to understand what it means. I want to be a good example of setting aside this day to worship and rest. Rod is very good at not working on Sunday. Of course he's closed Sundays, but he doesn't work at projects outside or in the house. I'm sure that's tempting at times (or maybe not:) Up until very recently I would do a load of laundry on Sunday to stay caught up. I've stopped doing that. The bigger temptation will be this summer when my garden and flower beds are needing to be tended to! I know last year i would weed a flower bed here and there as we were outside playing on Sundays. That's not work to me! But i thought about it then, that i shouldn't do that. Not just because the boys were watching, but because God commanded us to rest. It's so hard! What am i doing to keep this day Holy? I don't think we need to be SO strict on this, but there must be some things that shouldn't be on Sunday's agendas. I appreciate that my parents never worked in the fields on Sunday or did miscellaneous farm work. Of course the cows had to be milked. But that's where it stopped.

I'm not judging anyone on this, but i'm surprised how much people do on Sundays. Several years ago i questioned friends of ours on it, the husband worked in the yard regularly. Hard work, like it was any other day. This was before Rod and I had kids. His response was "wait till you have kids, you'll have to work on Sundays too". Hmm, i thought....i don't think so.

So i'm trying. And will strive to be more deliberate with my resting. I have 4 boys watching. But more importantly i want to honor God. If He needed to rest, then i believe we would be blessed by doing so too.

Again, not judging. Just contemplating this for me and my family.

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Brandy said...

I use Sunday as an excuse not to do laundry at all. : )
And take a nice long nap!