Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thursday was a good day. The boys played outside for 4 straight hours. 4 glorious hours! (i'm still cleaning up after them, but still...) Then my mom came and took them until Saturday morning. Ahhh.

I especially enjoyed the free time because I didn't have anything pressing that HAD to be done, but had lots of things i've been wanting to do. I was able to do some of those things.

I did my yearly trip to Sharp Shopper and stocked up on canned things, paper supplies etc. I should really go more then once a year. I felt silly buying 20 boxes of tissues.

Finally made these Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon rolls! WOW! I got this recipe via a friend's email about 2 years ago, and decided today was going to be the day. I think you need to try them. SOOO good. The link is HERE, scroll the whole way down for the printable recipe.

Browned 18 pounds of ground beef. That oughtta last a little while.

Played cards with Rod. We love games, but it's hard to find fun 2-player games. Rod found one online and we like it. It's called 3-13. It's similar to Rummy.

Watched my youngest. Spent some uninterrupted time with him. Here's a cute video. He has a bad cold right now, but still manages to be easily amused.

I talked to the boys Friday morning at Gma's. They were having a good time. Adam said he wanted to email me. We hung up so Gma could type Adam's email. Here's what Adam emailed me:

"Me and Dustin are twins and Clay is my twin and Dad is my twin. Some people look like other people and Dana looks like a lot of other people. Jesus and God and the sun and the moon and the stars make the world light"- Adam.

So sweet! and so weird at the same time, i'll be the first to admit that :)

Thanks mom for the nice break!

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Anonymous said...

I agree, at least with all his jumble of thoughts Jesus and God are still in control. Adam is one busy boy, he did a lot of "shop work" at my house at the kitchen table with his envelopes and paper and stickers, so cute. Mom