Thursday, March 8, 2012


Back in the summer, Ben was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. He had a suspicious looking bite along w/ terrible flu like symptoms. After 10 days of antibiotics he was fine and we were told that meant the lyme was gone.

This winter i got us all tested for Lyme, since i know deer ticks are on the loose around here. I didn't want it to be in anyone's system w/out us knowing (which is typical for Lyme disease), so i needed peace of mind that none of the other kids had it. We all got tested (except Clay) and here Ben's came back "very positive". That threw us for a loop, as we thought we'd taken care of that over the summer. Now we are treating it again and he'll need to get tested again in a couple months.

We are learning a lot about this disease and the way the doctors handle it. Ben needs to be treated for months now because it's been in his system so long, but he'll likely be able to get rid of it. I have a good friend who's had Lyme for 20 years and she's been coaching me through this. Doctors are NOT allowed to treat Lyme as a long term disease which is why Ben wasn't given longer treatment back in the summer, even though he needed longer treatment to get rid of it. We are now going to a Lyme Literate Doctor, who treats Lyme the way it should be. They don't take insurance, so they have the freedom to do more for this disease and not get in trouble for it!

I'm just so grateful that God prompted me to get this bloodwork done. It's not characteristic of me to do this, we don't go to the Dr. much and we let most things take care of themselves. So the fact that i was proactive in getting this test, tells me that God was looking out for our Benny boy. We are believing Ben will be healed.

Please don't be afraid to come to our house now! And if you are, just hold off coming in June and July, the worst tick months.

I see a unique family tradition in our future. Once a year getting pricked for bloodwork, then hitting the McDonalds across the street to make it all better :)

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Brandy said...

My Dad had Lyme's Disease. He went through a clinic trial of a new drug. He wasn't told if he got the real drug or the placebo. However, his Lyme's Disease is gone, so he thinks he got the real thing. It is a shame it is not easier for doctors to treat. Hopefully one day! Deer ticks are everywhere so you can't scare us away from visiting your little petting zoo. : ) Hope Ben is cured of it soon!