Friday, March 30, 2012


This was a busy week! We wrapped up our parenting bible study here this week, it was a great 8 week time to get together with 2 other couples and discuss our book and pray. The kids played so well together too. There were 9 kids represented at our study.

A good friend of ours is getting married at our place in June! We are excited, i hope her day is special and we can help to make it great for her. We will know a large chunk of the guests coming so we are looking forward to this event.

Easter is coming! We are doing the resurrection eggs again this year, really a neat thing for the boys. They seem to enjoy the Easter story more then Christmas story. I think it's because of all the action - soldiers and voilence ("tell me about Peter cutting off the guys ear") Prayerfully, they are catching the eternal meaning here. We made our one windowsill an "Easter area", Adding things as they make them.

Last Friday we went to an antique auction, a nearby farmer cleared out his barns and everything got sold. We walked away with this old outhouse, it fits in nicely in our orchard!?
it's not really leaning, but apparently i was!
The boys started soccer on Thurs. It's a cute little program called "Upwards" for 4 year olds through grade 5. It's held at the church accross from ours, they have scripture to memorize each week, as part of the program. I hope they like it. Adam scored right as soon as the practice game started. The boys are all on the same team, so they are literally half the team!
When you ask Clay "How old are you?" First he says "No!" Then he says "2!" looks like he's teething some 2-year old fun ones. I thought Grandma might like the hair a little better in this one :) or maybe not now that i look at it...I held a perennial swap this morning and now have lots of new fun bulbs and flowers to plant! This week will be getting ready for 3 birthdays! and our Easter dinner. The weather looks great for next week. Not so much today, but the boys have been outside anyway, PTL. Have a good weekend!

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