Saturday, March 10, 2012

These two...

The boys just love playing w/ our neighbor. She's been coming over now for around 4 years and has developed good relationships with the boys, especially Adam. They play so well together and have a bond. it's nice for Adam to have someone older then him around. He says he going to marry her :) They can get to fighting too. Recently after one of their tifs, Adam says to me- "Mom, i don't like having a sister!" Um, Adam, you don't have sister. It just feels that way sometimes! She comes over quite often, and we include her in our everyday life. If it's time to do some chores, she does them too. If we feel like hopping in the car and going somewhere, she'll come along. She raids the fridge and asks what's for dinner just like everyone else. I have her soccer games on my calendar, and Rod fixes her bike. It's been good all around for many different reasons. We're thankful for this time with her. We know it won't be long until she's out of the house, they grow up so fast. I do sound like she's ours, don't I??

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