Thursday, June 21, 2012

new websites

A few websites that are new to me, that i'm excited about::

First one is a link to Tumblebooks, an online storybook reading site, the boys love watching these stories and reading along with it.  This is new to me, maybe others have known about this before! go to then click the blue tumblebook link on the left margin, scroll down again to tumblebooks, then put in your card number (you need a library card to do this), and scroll and click tumblebooks again.  This should bring you to the books!  they have a big selection!

A wonderful canning website!  - i've started pressure canning last year and love it.  it opens up a whole new world.  yesterday i did 7 jars of beef.  Today i did green beans and red beets.  On my list of new things to can is broth and apple butter.  There are lots of easy to follow instructions for canning on this site!  Pressure canning OR hot water bath canning.  Very helpful.

Healthy desserts!!  This is a cute blog filled with recipes for yummy desserts with a couple changes so we can consider it a healthy dessert :)

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Anonymous said... the dessert blog. I can't wait to try some of them!