Tuesday, June 12, 2012


May and June are my favorite months.  It's warm, garden's in full swing, and there's still lots of summer to enjoy. 

School has only been out for a week but it seems we've done so much in that time.  Tonight we had Adam's teacher over for supper.  The boys were all wizzed up and caused 2+ hours of commotion due to showing off and competing for her attention!  i assured her the twins are much quieter outside of our home.  I was afraid she might put in a request to not have them in her class next year!

I told the boys our summer motto (i like mottos) is "work hard and play hard".  They have the second one down.  The first one goes in spurts :)

Some pics...

Brad took this picture of me.  I left my hair wavy today, didn't blow dry it.  I said 'do you like mommy's hair?'  Brad thinks hard for a while...."um....no."   Love him. 

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