Wednesday, October 17, 2012

being a mom

Today was a nice birthday.  I had lunch w/ my mom, ran into a friend in the parking lot, so she had lunch w/ us too.  rod and i and the boys took a bike ride to lake grubb early eve and they played on the playground.  also enjoyed cards and facebook messages.  yes i still soak in birthdays...  
so i've been earnestly seeking recently how to have a good balance with the boys- with playing, working, teaching, reading, praying, goofing off... what to do more of....what i could do less of.  what to eliminate, etc.  it's always nice to feel like that is all balanced.  Then i read a really good and timely article the other day which i will put a link to, it's worth the read and sums up, i believe, what i already know but need to hear again.  sometimes we (I) get caught up on things that really don't matter in regards to mothering!!  She reminds us what our job really is.
just tonight 3 words that start with TR popped in my mind, as a reminder to recall while going through the day with these guys.....TReasure them, TRain them, TReat them with respect.  Yes there's more to mothering then that.  But i believe God gave me these basics to shift my focus from trying so hard to balance every little detail, to just living life with them and applying these TR's. 
Here's that article.  I hope you like it too.

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