Monday, October 22, 2012

saturday was a gem

we took the boys to west hempfield's fire dept. open house on saturday.  we went 2 years ago, but this year it was held at a park and they had a lot more space.  we were one of the first ones there so they gave us a ride in the fire truck right away. 

we missed the candy drop from the top of the ladder of one of the trucks, because we had to get home and prepare for the boys 1st Annual Farmdale Friends Fall Fest.  that's catchy, don't you think?  They each invited several from their classes and their families. It was a really great time.  the boys played with their friends and rod and i got to know the parents.  i already knew a lot of the moms, from kindergarten pick up.  the twins teacher even came.  she's such a sweetheart. 

Getting dark out, but you have to see Clay's best friend Levi, from Kindergarten pick up. 
now today was the first sunday in a long time that we haven't had a gathering here!!  we learned that in the future we'll plan to hold most events on saturdays instead of sundays.  God gave us a day to rest for a reason, and we weren't getting that rest which was getting to be too much.  live and learn!

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