Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas and Snow

With one more Christmas dinner to go, the season is winding down.  And it was a good Christmas.  The snow we had, even though small amounts, set it apart from other years and we made lots of good memories sledding many times over Christmas break.  Having the snow over Christmas and having Montana family here, helped Rod and I to set a 'Christmas tone' of making memories, spending time with family, and embracing God's blessings, verses it being all about presents. Not saying we were totally sucessful, but i think we were able to speak their language a bit. 
We had no plans Christmas eve and Christmas day.  The boys sledded till 9:30pm Christmas eve.  and we enjoyed a day at home Christmas day. 
I actually surprised Rod this year!  a cat's meow of our place..

Clay's new guitar.  Somehow it must sound better when you stand inside a trash can. 

Making gingerbread manger scenes...
(we cheated and used graham crackers and hot glue!)

An idea from Pinterest..
Smoker Christmas dinner, just enough snow for some sledding on a great hill..


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Anonymous said...

That Cat's Meow piece is amazing! Neat!
I like your style of doing gingerbread houses.
It sounds like you had a nice Christmas.
- Brandy