Monday, December 17, 2012

the Beef Project

This weekend we butchered the calf.  I say this weekend because it took almost the entire weekend!  We did the whole process ourselves, with lots of help from wonderful family and friends!  It would have been completely overwhelming to do by ourselves, which i believe we were naive enough to do at one point. 

If these pictures bother you, just remember i have worse ones that i decided not to post :)

Rod with Butch-Bullseye

Caleb and Rod with Butch-Bullseye
Next day, the cutting, canning, and freezing!
the girls table (as adam says), cutting chunks off the bone to can.  And saving the fat and bones to boil for yummy broth.  
some of us were having too much fun
Adam was a big helper for almost an hour.  He really just wanted to play with a knife i think.

Got some steaks and roasts for the freezer

and 28+ quarts of meat canned, plus some broth!  (i never said it was pretty)

And last but not least you have to know about the wonderful babysitting service offered the entire time!
I really enjoyed learning more about this process, and so grateful for the quick and easy meals to come!   

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