Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Far away friends

Meet Gedieon and Gosaye...

Gedieon (17) has been our Compassion international child for 10+ years now (left).  He and his brother Gosaye (22) recently 'friended' me on Facebook.  Yes i'm serious!  They have Facebook in Ethiopia!  We always have written to each other over the past 10 years.  But now that we are facebook friends we chat quite a bit.  Gosaye knows English quite well.  They are genuine young men, who have had Bible teaching through Compassion and from what i gather, are Christians.  They always ask about the boys by name which i think is so sweet.  Their father died when they were young.  They bring us such joy and we've never even met them.  I would love to meet them one day.  They will have to come to me though, as i am not going to Ethiopia :) 

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