Thursday, June 20, 2013


I haven't been on here lately, we've been enjoying summer vacation very much.  I try to keep weekdays and weeknights free to just enjoy ourselves outside and let the boys go crazy w/ their energy and imaginations.  but our weekends have been full, of going here and there and having people over.   last weekend was the annual fly-in (i'll show you pics of that sometime mom, don't feel like uploading them onto here) this weekend we're having my extended family here for an overnight campout.  looking forward to that.  the weather is perfect.
this morning the boys and I sold some lemonade and extra produce from the garden.  we have abundance!  one man stopped and bought some cabbage then asked if we'll be out here every day!
Our mailman humors us every time.
Clay helped out this year.  Screaming to the cars..."DO YOU WANT SOME LEMONADE??!!"

that wore me out so I took a nap on the hammock and woke 25 minutes later to Clay looking like this!  we have wild raspberry bushes along the property line, they are ready to eat now :)
Don't even want to know how many he ate!  I just love this time of year.  First day of summer starts tomorrow.  SLOW down, summertime. 

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