Friday, June 28, 2013

time for my weekly check-in! 

We turned our A.C. on for the first time the other day!  84 degrees in the upstairs was beyond what I was willing to handle!  Feels so good just to have the humidity out. 

Our Smoker gathering last weekend went so fast, it went really well and we couldn't have asked for better weather.  A highlight was the candy man, dropping candy for the kids, and then landing.  he doesn't do that often because cars are usually parked on the runway.  
Scooping up the candy

Adam has lots of energy, and not always the good kind.  I got desperate last Friday and called the Rec center to see if they have any sports camps for my little man.  They just so happened to have basketball camp starting Monday.  He was really excited about it.  I signed him up and he had a good time.  It's just 2 hours a morning for one week, which is perfect  (and there has been more peace amongst the brothers too, w/ this separation). 

MT cousins are in town, we saved our first heat wave for their visit :)  We had pool time the other day w/ them.  Lots of throwing water around.  Always a good time with these guys. 

And speaking of pool, the boys started swim lessons this week.  The lady giving them lessons is great, and is doing a much better job at teaching then I could!  The twins don't like putting their head under but they are cooperating.   Adam is "diving" in, while holding his nose!  I had to pull him out the water yesterday after swimming for 3 straight hours. 

Clay didn't have any fun at grandma and grandpa's this week...ha

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