Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hello July

wow, I sit here as clouds roll in and the wind picks up.   the boys just got home from swimming lessons and the sun was out the whole time.  I hope this cools things off.   The pool water is 97 degrees at the lady's house the boys have lessons at, so they are quite comfortable and doing very well!  for the twins it's always about how cold the water is.  It's so refreshing to see them in there having a good time and learning knew things in the water.   Adam and Clay are ducks, no problems there.
Didn't take any pictures of swim lessons but here's a couple at meg's pool..

July 4th turned out to be beautiful even though the morning of our campout was rainy.  we had a blast with the Gingrich fam.  The boys loved camping in their tent with the other boys.  at midnight rod and I gave up, went in the house, and decided they will crash eventually. 

Rod outdid himself this year with fireworks.  Out of state family helped to get "the good stuff".  Adam turned into a pyro this year, using 'his lighter' and setting off fireworks. 
Sending up 4 Chinese lanterns close together..

A special fruit pizza.  Time flies, I clearly remember your 30th birthday tea party!
We aren't hosting any more big things until October!  We'll do Rod's 20th year reunion (whoa, 20?) and the church thing in October.  We're glad for a break, even though hosting gets easier and easier every year, since we have a routine down, the boys help a little, and they run off and play well with other kids that come.  We did learn from last year to make things Potluck as much as possible and not to host a lot of things on Sundays, particularly not back-to-back Sundays.  I got a little burnt out last year, from those things.  We're looking forward to another reception in our barn next May. 

Right now i'm getting green beans, cucumbers, brocc, carrots, red beets, swiss chard, and still some kale and lettuce from the garden.  I've been canning the green beans last week and will can some beets this week.  So far it's another good year in the garden. 

Adam's s.s. class needed a fill in today, so I taught.  the challenge for the kids was to praise God in the every day, doing what He created us to do and be who He created us to be.  It's a great challenge for me as well.  I love simple, yet important reminders from God. 

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