Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mid Summer

I know, we're probably past 'mid' summer, but i'm in denial. 

I've tried keeping our days fairly flexible, so that we can do things on a whim.  Accept last minute invites, spontaneously ride bikes to the park, etc.  We've gone to a couple church softball games, the boys have gotten together with friends, Mel's pond with cousins, and pool time at the neighbors houses.  Even though summer is going fast, it also feels long (in a good way).  i'm not feeling hurried or busy with things that need done, like gardening and flower beds.  Or going from this activity to that.  I'm trying to be more purposeful about just soaking in the summer days.  The days still have structure (you have to with this crew), but there's an openness there that allows for enjoying the present. 

We wrapped up swim lessons last week.  For me, swim lessons are also known as "the place where miracles happen".  I knew they'd all eventually learn how to swim, but I was shocked at how quick.  Adam is officially swimming, and B and B are doing "tricks" in the water and under the water, where they can touch.  They like it now, which was the goal.  It certainly helps when the pool water is 95 degrees+ and they can relax and not be cold!

Adam and Meg treading water
Some deer we've been seeing lately, in the evenings:
Partners in crime:
Goofing off at Mel's pond:
New batch of chicks, because you can never have too many chickens....

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Sharon Elligson said...

I love that picture of you and Rod! Yeah for victories in the pool :) Praying that summer will continue to take their good old time.