Saturday, July 13, 2013

Putting away food...

We had a BIG day today!  We made applesauce and did 7+ dozen ears of corn.  The apples and corn were free, we just had to do our own picking, which was the fun part!
Rod's aunt had excess apples...made a delicious sauce. 

Our Amish neighbors told us we can pick through their field for corn.  He is only allowed to sell the first ears, and the rest is left.  There was a ton of ears left for the picking.  The highlight was the way we blanched the corn....In the dishwasher!  Last year another neighbor told us about this method and Rod wanted to give it a try.  It worked great.  Just put it on the regular cycle, don't add soap of course, and take them out before the dry cycle begins.  This saved me a lot of time.  There are 88 ears in here, that I didn't have to mess with on the stove in batches.  

This week we also did up some red beets from the garden.  We picked them in the rain, cut the stems off, washed them, cooked them, peeled them, pickled them, and canned them! 


This week....carrots! 

Pics of the week...Ben hiding from the rain, in our pole bean teepee.  He went in there and found a couple beans to munch on.  They are just starting to produce. 

And Adam excited about getting his own library card.  He has a system in this backpack.  The card and receipts go in the front pouch and the books in the main part. 

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Sharon Elligson said...

I have to laugh at the pole beans, ours are taking over the garden b/c we didn't make a pole high enough! I am so trying the corn blanching simple :)