Tuesday, July 30, 2013

quick trip

Rod's schedule for Monday was free at the shop, so he took us to the beach Saturday - Monday.  what a treat.  I wasn't thinking we'd make it to the beach this year.  The water was nice!  we read in the paper how cold it's been this summer, but it must have warmed a lot because it was very swimmable.  Adam was in the water a lot.  A new season for us, making sure the boys are ok out in the water and staying between the flags. 
Tried a different motel, the closest we've ever gotten to the boardwalk!  Rod thinks we could have spit on the boardwalk from our balcony.  We didn't try it. 
View looking straight ahead.  The boys loved having an amusement park right outside the door. 
I came back to the beach w/ Adam the one day and couldn't find the boys.  Here they were right there by my feet, buried in the sand!  Good one daddy.
We're slightly amazed Clay held still that long.

Adam boggie boarding.

This sleeping arrangement did not last very long!  We had to part them out...
Rod's meal at Periwinkles, a good place to eat a block off of the boardwalk with outside seating.
Thanks Rod for making this happen!

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ForeverLove said...

What a perfect last minute trip! You are surely blessed with a wonderful husband and the boys look so at at home in the sand!