Monday, June 10, 2013

weekend change...

we were scheduled to do our annual camping weekend with our church this past weekend, but it got cancelled due to rain!  and while there was a day of initial disappointments, we decided to make the best of it and enjoy doing other things..

we invited the 'campers' over to our house Saturday evening instead.  and we had a campfire, train rides for kids, food, and fellowship.  the kids played great and the adults fellowshipped, which is what we like best about our camping weekend, so it worked out. 
These 3 raced down the hilly driveway for awhile, I tried not to watch...

we like to complete our gatherings with one of these things!
Chinese lantern
if you see one in the sky, it's not a U.F.O.!

sunday after church we took the boys fishing.  we've never officially gone fishing.  (I don't count that time I tried taking them to lake grubb, when I had to ask a stranger how to use a fishing pole).   our friends pond was stocked, they each caught at least one fish.  much more exciting then our lake grubb experience!


(I think the weekend was more fun and relaxing then if our original camping plans had worked out!)

today is the boys last day of school.  I was determined to not send them to school the last couple days, because of some silly 'snow days' that got tacked on to the end of the year.  but they wanted to go, which is great.  I am planning to have a little more intentional times this summer, instead of a summer of free-for-all.  (that gets a little hairy with 4 boys)  we'll be doing some school stuff a couple mornings a week.  some down time in the afternoons, reading through Genesis together after breakfast, etc.  This is all to keep me sane more then anything else.  we'll see if it works :) 

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