Friday, January 3, 2014

What day is it?

A break from the routine is a nice thing, except for the embarrassment that comes with never knowing what day it is!  Or what year or month :) 

We almost got back into the routine yesterday.  Clay and I went into the cafeteria for our every-other-week shift over lunch. Then we went to the library.  The boys came home from school, neighbor boy came too.  And they did homework.  It was all good.
Then white stuff started coming down again.

So today was another snow day.  Red flags started going off in my head.  You mean another day of fighting, breaking things, messes, noise, scattered snow gear, food disappearing, etc?!   We just did that for 12 days!  But it turned out quite nice.  Ben and Brad spent 5 hours at their best buddy's house and Adam & Clay went to Grandma's for an overnighter.  The space was good for all and they were each quite happy about the arrangements made.  So take that, snow day :) 

Mrs. K took this at lunchtime.  Little sister is so adorable and she evened out the teams when they played 'team' things :)
I'm so thankful the boys are comfortable here and I'm comfortable leaving them here. 

Oh and for more cuteness, we visited friends puppies over Christmas break.  These are golden doodles, 11 pups in all!  4 weeks old.  Let me know if you want one, they are for sale :)  Brad really wants one.  He has some saving to do. 

This is a lot of cuteness in one little swimming pool.

We welcome a new year as we marvel over what God did for us in 2013.  We are so blessed and He is so faithful.  We want to honor Him more with our lives and encourage the boys to do the same.  Happy New Year!

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