Friday, January 31, 2014

Some tidbits

There hasn't been anything overly blog worthy lately on the home front.  But thought I'd sum up some current events with little sentences. 

* I met a baby last night, who was born at 23 weeks gestation.  She's now 7 lbs and almost full term, nearly 4 months later.  A beautiful baby. 

* 2 of our neighbors dogs came over yesterday and killed one of our cats.  I secretly want them to come back again today.  (we have some cat population issues)

* Yesterday Clay asked what my password is for our computer.  He's 3.  What does he know about passwords? 

* I love all my kids very much.  But one in particular has me spoiled.  He's the "son of my right hand"  :) 

* I'm taking a bee keeping class tomorrow and a CPR class on Monday.  Mostly excited about getting out of the house, but I have been wanting to take CPR for a long time now and am glad I get to learn how to do this. 

* I'm also co-leading a Beth Moore study at church next month.  Love Beth Moore, can't wait to start. 

* I ran 1.5 miles in 20 degree weather last eve.  I will never do that again. 

* Adam is terrible at addition.  But is way ahead in multiplication.  I do not understand this.  He also has trouble reading and gets assistance at school with it, but if you stick a Star Wars book in front of him he can read it cover to cover without any problem.  Including words that I can't even pronounce.  This boy can do A LOT, when he WANTS to. 

* Making roasted sausage, potato, peppers, and onions tonight for supper.  It's so good!

That's it for now!


Katie Thompson said...

Have you tried Jedi Academy books with Adam? Gabe loves them.

Me & my boys said...

oh i forgot about those! thanks Katie!