Thursday, February 6, 2014

All things winter

It's been a tricky one this year, hasn't it!?  So many things getting cancelled, postponed, changed.  Just reminds me that our plans are not our own.  This season reminds me to live out these verses  (that's James 4: 13-15 if my link didn't work). 

BEFORE the last 2 storms this week, when we were starting to see grass, we were having a good time on the mini bike/sleds and snow board.  It was fun to watch the boys

i took rod snowboarding too, man he's good!

Then Sunday we had a fun evening at my parents for the super bowl/bday parties.  Adam started feeling sick that morning and by evening was feeling very rough.  He threw up loads when we got home Sunday night.  My kids very rarely throw up so i was surprised by how messy he was but figured it's normal to have it all over your face, eyes, and hair!  But actually a couple days later he told me he fell into his throw up and that's why it was all over him.  How gross is that.

Monday (snow day) he was still feeling ill but no messes (PTL!)  He was feeling good enough to bring down a mattress from upstairs and make himself a little bed for the day.  I thought this was cute.
By Tuesday he was all better and went to school.

Clay and i were outside yesterday playing and he said he's tired and laid down in the snow.  in minutes he was sleeping!  i called him a couple times to wake up and go in.  But truthfully i was glad for the break, since he doesn't usually nap :)  So i let him go and he woke up after 45 minutes and was quite happy with himself.

I have really lost track of days.  It was either monday or tuesday that our neighbors came over for some sledding.  The girls loved the tobaggon.

Then Wed. was our ice day.  and no electric for 11 hours day.  Which we actually enjoyed.  But i'm sure it would have gotten old (and cold), so i'm glad it's back on.  We do have a generator but weren't going to use it unless we were still out tomorrow.  We spent some time outside walking around, talking with neighbors.  We walked to Rod's shop and found a big snow pile on the way that they had to inspect.

Building around home..

Would really like to move on from this winter sometime soon!  Memories for the boys is the only thing keeping me going i think.

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