Friday, February 21, 2014

bright spots

i always need to look for things in the winter to keep life exciting, since winter is so long and slow!  Last Friday i took the boys to Chocolate World.  Adam remembered being there before, the others didn't.  We took our neighbor girl with us, and since then she's come over twice.  That's been great, she plays with them and does things that Rod and i don't feel like doing, like freeze tag!  Since she's a teen now, she's busy and has not been over much at all.  We all missed her.

Clay and I started some seeds yesterday.  Just a few (hundred).

A month or so ago, i bought some popcorn cobs at Roots.  The lady told me to put them in a paper bag and microwave them for about 1.5 minutes.  They popped nicely and some even stayed on the cob!  We never did this before, it was so fun.  Guess what i'll be planting in the garden this year?!

On Monday, the boys didn't have school (shocking).  They were pretending to be WWF guys most of the day, at one point i said- take it outside!  so they did.....for a bit.

This is the neatest tunnel Rod came up with.  All 6 of us fit in here.  he made a fort out of our sliding board and pallets, BEFORE it snowed.  He then dumped snow on top of it, while plowing.  So we just had to dig a hole to get to it!  They can even stand in it. 

Well we are having a warm up this weekend, i really need to get back to running!  The hot pink sneakers have been taking a break.

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