Sunday, July 20, 2014

This is what our lane looked like for a couple hours tonight.....

It was so cool, first the Amish just watched the mini bikers, but then they all started interacting together and the boys got off the mini bikes and hung out together.  The boys said they talked about church, how fast mini bikes go, and other boy stuff.

Lately I've been bothered that we are so tied down at home and the shop, that we really can't plan a vacation, and any time we do get away as a family it's a spontaneous 2-nighter that we fit in when there's a slow couple days at the shop.

But God knows just how easily amused I am and He sent me 10 little Amish boys at just the right time.  If we were away we would have missed tonight.  And actually we would have missed a lot of neat things happening here lately, like our swarm or the beautiful rainbows we've been seeing or the neighbors walking back to chat.

So I'm learning to be content with our reality, and enjoying the many gifts and blessings God brings us.  Right here where we are.

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