Monday, July 7, 2014

You'll never believe this but we had another packed weekend!  interesting thing is we only had one thing planned in advance, but you know how that goes.....

Wednesday a friend of ours from church, 46 years old, died unexpectedly and it effected our church family tremendously.  He was an active part of our church and there will be a noticeable hole now.  He and his wife have 5 children, all still at home.  Rod and I personally enjoyed talking farming and gardening with him, and working together on many pig roasts over the years.  He will be missed by many.  Since they were missionaries at different points in their life, there were people traveling here from all over the country.  We are hosting some folks now from OH and IL.   Most of them have been camping outside, which they are having a blast with.  They leave sometime tomorrow.

Today we sent Adam off to camp for the first time!  It was weird to leave him, but he mentioned several times he's excited for a break from his brothers :)  He always has enjoyed playing with kids older then him.  His bros are younger.  So we'll meet in the middle and put him in with kids his own age for a few days!  I think he will do fine.  I was proud of him for jumping right in, he has never been to this camp before.  I'm praying this will impact him in numerous positive ways!  We've been struggling with his behavior and tendencies for a while now and we're really unsure sometimes how to parent him.  The camp has been posting vidoes on facebook, so we get to see him and what he's doing.  His counselor is fabulous.

We certainly broke the 'anti swimming' mode I was in one of the last times I wrote.  We swam three times last week.  It's fun watching the boys swim and now having to drag them out of the pool verses forcing them in.  It's still not Ben's favorite pasttime, but he never did like water.  Some of you remember his screaming fits during bath time, up until 2.5 years old. 

I don't think we are hosting anything big again until October!  At least nothing is planned at the moment.  So I'm hoping a little family vaca will take place soon.  Probably not until next month though, as July seemed to fill up a little.   But for now, I'm enjoying the moments with the boys, and the garden, canning, get togethers, late nights, and sleeping in!  We also signed up to get a fresh air child this month, so if selected that will happen toward the end of the month.  The boys are very excited about that.  Rod says they act like we're going to be borrowing a puppy or something :)  hopefully it's that sweet of an experience! 

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