Friday, August 8, 2014

Beachin' it

Ah, what a nice 30 hour beach vaca that was!  It was long enough for me, Rod wasn't along and i don't know if i could have hauled all the beach stuff down to the sand one more time!

We enjoyed spending the first day with some family on my mom's side.  The boys and i stayed overnight and spent more time on the beach the next day.  We had a blast on the boardwalk that evening too, from 5:30-10 we ate pizza, hit up the dollar store, explored the beach, got water ice, and just enjoyed strolling the boardwalk, taking in the entertainment and fulfilling some traditions like feeding the seagulls, getting the free taffy balloons and getting samples from miscellaneous food stands.

I love the boys ages right now.  A year ago i wouldn't have wanted to do this without Rod or mom with me. (neither were able to come this time)  Or maybe i would have, but it wouldn't have gone this smooth!
Adam and Isaac

Clay and Jenna
1st and 2nd cousins
Boys doing their thing
Not quite everyone here..

BIG pizza
You can't hide the country boy in them... 

Pretty morning on the beach with the new bubble machine
10am swim at the motel = pool to themselves!

I saved this boy's life 3 times
The aftermath
He was asleep before i could say...'what was your favorite part?'  

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