Sunday, August 31, 2014

So far, so good with our new school setup.  I'm impressed with the University Model, and how organized and thorough the teachers are even though it's only the 3rd year this school has offered this model.  The godly staff and small setting has been a blessing to me.  The hardest part so far has been covering 6 textbooks with brown bags!  Not a fan of that job.  All 3 have a little bit of catching up to do in their reading level, but i'm hopeful now that it's on my radar, we can concentrate more on that and improve.  I'm doing a lot more driving these days, but i like using the car ride to talk to the boys, since they can't run away from me it makes for good discussion time!   Adam has made a couple friends, and when you are a twin i think you are automatically a hit.  At the 'meet the teacher' night the twins walked in and another boy was there and says "twins in my class!  this is the best day EVER!"  ok then.

i remind myself at the end of every summer that just because school has started doesn't mean we can't still make memories!  We got to a Barnstormers game this week, and had a great time.  I like going when there's not many people there, the boys get more time with Cylo and an easier time getting the freebies.

These shirts came from a game we went to a couple years ago, they were giving them out.  Clay was stumbling over his, so he'll have to wait to wear his. 

And the boys had their 2nd Annual Labor Day Cousins Campout.  (We need to shorten that title).  They were very excited to go and had a fun time playing baseball and camping out together.  They got much less sleep then i did that night!  Thanks mom for making it happen again. 

We were just outside enjoying a campfire and firecrackers when some heavy rains came.  I planted some fall garden this year and am glad for the rain!  The most interested thing in my garden right now is popcorn.  I pulled an ear yesterday and we took off the kernels and dried them.  Tonight I popped about 1/3 cup of kernels.  It was so cool to grow my own popcorn, I'm thinking easy Christmas gifts right here! 

Happy Labor Day.  Now that i'm a teacher part-time i should look into what Labor Day is!

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