Sunday, September 7, 2014


I ran in the Bird-in-Hand 5K this weekend.  When i did my first race back in May, i thought 500 runners was so many.  But this one had 900 runners!  My goal was to come in 400th place :)  i came in 200 something place and beat my 5K record.  But i felt terrible the last mile.  i was very tempted to walk but didn't.  

The whole weekend event was such a blast.  My run and a balloon launch was Friday eve.  The 1/2 marathon and balloon launch was Saturday.  There was a wonderful free lunch after that.  We got to see a lot of people we knew.  Krista ran in the half marathon Saturday and the boys and i ran/walked the last 2 miles with her.  There were 1700 runners in the 1/2, 50+ of those needing treatment, due to the heat.  And some of them were sent to the hospital.

It was so neat to see this community come together, most of the volunteers were amish, you can tell they love serving in this event.  It was so well organized, for the size of it, the money raised went towards the local fire department.  I hope to do it again next year, maybe with Adam!  I think he could do it.  Actually they all probably could, but that just sounds like a circus act waiting to happen now doesn't it?

Pics from Friday night's run:
Coming down the finish line.  Yes i'm pretty sure that old man passed me.  My time 28:10
The crew waiting for me to finish

Saturday's 1/2.  Rod flew in the morning with the balloons at the start of the race.

We had a great visit with Krista, she stayed with us from Wed-Sunday and her mom and sister came for the weekend and stayed in our apartment.  They were such fun.  The boys loved every minute.

Now gearing up for a new week of school, and Clay starts preschool this week.  Also honey extraction day is Tuesday!  Look for that sticky update soon :)

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Anonymous said...

What a great run, Sherry! I'm pretty sure you passed the "old man." The picture of your family watching for you is great, Rod left us know when you were coming, Mom