Monday, September 22, 2014

The boys have been working hard in school.  Right now we are trying to improve their reading, memorizing math facts (adam-multiplication b&b- addition), bible memory, etc.  There are plenty of "funny" things that happen along the way.  Adam nailed a Science quiz today after lots of studying definitions of 20+ hard words like Sublimation, condensation, state of matter, mass, etc.  Turns out the whole time he was studying and even after the test he thought it was Social Studies!  And Brad spells his last name wrong  BUT I can already tell the one-on-one they are getting from me is helpful for them.  And like everything else around here, if I can stay on top on things (their assignments, test prep, communication with teachers and so on), it can go smoothly.  They do have to work very hard to get things, which is hard for me to understand sometimes.  Elementary school was easy for me, from what I remember.  God has been very kind, giving me the strength I need for each day.  We start our school days with their Bible assignment which we use as our devotions as well.  We are reading through Genesis. 

Last week on a non school day, Clay and I took his cousin and grandma on a bike ride.  We hit my favorite rails to trails.  It's a new and beautiful trail, overlooking the river.  Many picnic tables and benches along the way.  The boys were very entertaining, they had a great time outriding mom and I. 

Rode to the 3 mile marker, then turned around.  

We saw an eagle fly in on the way back.  So cool!

And Saturday was another 5K, this time benefiting a very local ministry GAiN (global aid network)  The boys said i should have ran to my run, it was only 2 miles from our house!  The conditions were great, cool and dry.  I didn't love the hills but i liked the run.  I ran right past Rod's uncle's farm and chatted with him briefly while going by.  And Rod flew around me the whole time which is why i didn't walk up that one hill.
But the highlight for me was the boys 1 mile fun run.  Adam crushed it.  Granted there weren't many kids in it, maybe 20.  but he was well ahead of the next guy (which happened to be Brad).  I was so happy for him, i think he thought he wouldn't be able to run a whole mile.  This gave him confidence.  I'd like to run a 5K with him next year.
He said "i'm wearing jeans mom"  you go right ahead
Clay beat a 12 year old boy and didn't break a sweat
I didn't catch his official time, but it was 6 minutes and something.  

The boys got to run with their church friends.  Ben just missed placing in the boys catagory.  He was so disappointed.  Run faster next time buddy! 

I got first in my division, female age 30-39.  Yup, i'm hooked on small races now  
church friends
The money raised from the races went toward buying seeds to send to other countries. 
My next run isn't until Thanksgiving Day, the Turkey Bowl benefiting a Christian Camp.  

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