Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I suppose fall is under way, now that the calendar says october.  our month will start with Rod's grandmother's funeral, happening this weekend.  she was a very neat lady who i enjoyed talking to, and hearing stories about.  she was a hard worker, very talented, and loved life.
we have 5 events here scattered throughout this month.  starting Oct. 12 through Oct. 31.  yesterday i feel like i made headway on the condition of the flower beds and garden.  i enjoy decorating for fall, even though fall isn't my favorite time of year.

Ben said something profound to me, the way Ben does.  He said "Mom, did you know some people don't like Fall just because they know Winter is after Fall?  That is so weird."  He was truly puzzled by this.
Yes Ben, who are those strange people??  haha.  I didn't tell him i might be one of them.

Last Friday i called mom and asked what she's doing this weekend.  She responds, Why, are we going to the beach?  I love it, she knew exactly why i was calling!
I had the urge to get it another beach trip before our busy month starts, and with the weather forcast for the weekend, i couldn't resist.  The boys and i had a blast with mom, enjoying the beach, pool, and boardwalk.  The ocean water was so cold, but our pool was heated.  We snagged a motel right along the boardwalk, such a fun experience.  We just went for one night but what a great memory.  Couldn't talk Rod into coming but he enjoyed the quiet and worked on some projects around home. 

just driving their trucks over a buried brad

view from our room

The tide was way out, leaving little ponds for them.

Funny story on the way there.  Clay asks if he can go to the beach when he is 25.  I said 'yes will you take me with you?'  He said No.  I said 'someone needs to take me with them to the beach when they are 25'.  Right away Brad says "ME ME ME!  I call dibs!'  haha, I'm glad he is still innocent enough to think he needs to call dibs on taking me away when he's 25!  I'm writing that one down in the Quotes book :) 

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