Wednesday, October 22, 2014

some days off

The boys had off school Thurs and Fri of last week, and after 5 staight weeks of no off days i was glad for the break.  We took Thurs morning to catch up on school work.  I am loving the UMS model of school we're doing this year, but it's very fact paced.  I think it needs to be that way in order to fit it all in, since they don't send kids home with homework and since there's only 2-3 days of at-school teaching per week.

Thurs late morning - early afternoon we went to GAiN to volunteer.  Global Aid Network is 2 miles away and they open their warehouse 2 weeks out of the year to package clothing, seeds, food, school kits, etc that has been collected throughout the year.  They ship these items to many different countries in need.  I love to volunteer there because there's always something for us to do, and it's appropriate for the boys ages.

We then took our last Cherry Crest Farm trip for the season.  We had season tickets this year, and went 4 or so times.  I told the boys next year we're just going once, unless we win the photo contest again!

Mom took the boys thurs afternoon - Friday afternoon, as a birthday gift to me!  My birthday was Friday and it was a beautiful day.  The first several hours were spent making applesauce with Rod.  He took the day off, and we went out to lunch together after the applesauce was done.  Then mom brought the boys home and Rod and I took the boys on a bike ride to the rails/trails.  We then went out to Hoss's and Brad told them it was my birthday so they sang to me and brought me a cupcake.  I'm glad we were in the corner!

Saturday night we had the boys school friends fall party here.  Rod and i were so blessed and amazed by the fabulous families who are a part of the school.  And the connections we finding out about are so fun too.  Rod knew a family with a daughter in the twins class.  I grew up going to church with one of the fathers in the twins class, and a dad from Adam's class knows my dad.  And i went to high school with one of the moms in Adam's class.  We wouldn't have known any of this if we didn't have them over.

Sunday we had another event in the barn, one that we weren't really a part of, but the boys were outside playing with a couple other kids from 2-6:30.  I got a lot done that afternoon!  Piercing Word ministries had their volunteer appreciation luncheon.  The theme was cowboy, so the boys jumped right on board with that.

I had signed up to be the Mystery Reader in Clay's preschool on Monday.  Ben and Brad were home that day and Brad insisted that he wanted to be the mystery reader.  So i let him do it, it was so cute.  The kids were very patient, as he read 'There's a Bird on your Head' to Clay's class.

And now we're back into the routine again.  The end of the markig period is coming up and there's a few projects, quizzes, and such to have done this week.  I survived the 1st marking period, did anyone lose any bets?  :)

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